NEWDIGS Publication Creation & Dissemination Policy

NEWDIGS Publication Creation & Dissemination Policy

Objective: Provide guidelines for the creation and delivery of consortium intellectual output with recognition that MIT is an institute of higher learning, so dissemination of generated knowledge should be shared; but must be done in a way that is aligned with NEWDIGS community norms.

Applies to:          Toolkit elements          Confidential Design Lab Summaries          White papers          Peer-reviewed publications

Toolkit Elements:  Design Lab tools under development are for the exclusive use of consortium sponsors to be shared internally within all departments as sponsor representatives see fit and in keeping with corporate/organization policy.  Open access tools are published for public use and posted to the web portal (e.g. Sure Real)

Confidential Design Lab Summaries are to be disseminated within the group of signees to a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) only.  These documents may contain information that is not within the current public domain.  As NEWDIGS relies on the trust placed in it by members of the consortium to conduct its proceedings it is vitally important that confidentiality be respected.

Generalized white papers will contain content that is not sponsor confidential or NEWDIGS proprietary in nature or where the identifying information for a sponsor asset and/or only publicly available information has been used in the preparation. White papers could be kept for use within the NEWDIGS community or shared publicly with non-consortium members.  Care must be taken to ensure that content set aside for use in peer-reviewed publications is not shared prematurely via this mechanism.

White papers will be disseminated in a staged manner to balance NEWDIGS member benefits with public sharing and impact.

  • Initially, white papers will be available to consortium members via the ‘members only’ section of the NEWDIGS website. An appropriate announcement to the membership of the release of white papers will be made, so they know where and how to find them.
  • At the determination of the Executive Director, white papers may be released more broadly by extension to the biomedical innovation community and interested general public through movement to the publications and working papers section of the NEWDIGS website. 

Peer Reviewed Publications may be developed by the NEWDIGS Team members on an ad hoc basis.  These articles will be released and managed by the journal which publishes them.  NEWDIGS will endeavor to notify consortium members of upcoming publications through internal News Announcements, notices on the website and via the NEWDIGS Activities Listing.