MIT NEWDIGS Janus Program Workshop: Payer/HTA Adaptive Pathways

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 - 10:15 to Thursday, July 9, 2015 - 10:15
Cambridge, MA

Participants in this workshop will include a broad range of representatives from the global biopharmaceutical/healthcare industry including manufacturers, regulatory agencies, public and private payers and HTA officials, and academia, among others. Outputs from the workshop will be summarized and made available to all attendees.


  • Elucidate the reimbursement challenges of “Adaptive Pathways” (occasionally referred to as MAPPs or adaptive licensing”) for payers/HTAs and sponsors.
  • Refine a strategic framework for the ‘right side’ of the “Adaptive Pathways” roadmap:
    • Creative coverage and reimbursement under clinical utility uncertainty;
    • Role of real world data for evidence development;
    • Expanding scope of HTAs: social value, patient preference, combination treatments;
    • Accounting for variability in clinical practice, patient preference and treatment regimen adherence in HTA analysis and payer schemes;
    • The challenges of orphan size populations and combination treatments;
    • Beyond product affordability: impact on system.
  • Describe elements, factors and findings to include in Janus quantified simulations.
  • Articulate findings into a call-to-action publication(s) designed to increase awareness and catalyze collaborative and financial support.

Please note that participation is ‘by invitation only.’