Speaking Engagements (Staff, Collaborators, Strategic Partners)

May 24, 2017
Boston, MA
Blue Cross Blue Shield National Council of Physician and Pharmacy Executives (Mark Trusheim) Adaptive Pathways and Platform Clinical Trials
May 10-11, 2017
Palo Alto, CA
Leaders In Global Healthcare & Technology (LIGHT) (Gigi Hirsch) Panel: Real World Evidence: Hype or Reality? (John Glasspool, Moderator)
April 27, 2017 Boston, MA Cell & Gene Therapy Investor Day (Mark Trusheim) Panel: Gene Therapy: Commercialization Readiness & Market Access Challenges
January 23, 2017
Washington, DC
DIA Integrated Adaptive Development and Decision Making Conference (Gigi Hirsch) Panel: Adaptive Biomedical Innovations: The Way Forward (Stella Blackburn, Moderator)

2016 Speaking Engagements

December 12, 2016
Washington, DC
The Drug Development Paradigm in Oncology hosted by the National Cancer Policy Forum. (G.K. Raju)
October 5
La Jolla, CA
2016 Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa. “The Impact of a New Healthcare Model: What Do Payers Think of Gene Therapies?” (Mark Trusheim)
September 21
New York, NY
NBER Pre-Conference on Economic Dimensions of Personalized and Precision Medicine. “The Competitive Dynamics of Personalized and Precision Medicine: Insights from Game Theory” (Mark Trusheim)
June 26-30 Philadelphia, PA DIA 52nd Annual Meeting (Gigi Hirsch & Hans-Georg Eichler – Session Co-Chairs).
June 29
Philadelphia, PA
DIA 52nd Annual Meeting. “Europe and the US: Making Outcomes-Based Health Care Possible.” Details here. (Gigi Hirsch).
June 8
San Francisco
BIO 2016. “Curative Therapies: Aligning Policy with Science to Ensure Patient Access” (Mark Trusheim).
April 21-22
Duke University, Durham
Presentation to Kenan Institute Symposium on US-EU Regulatory Cooperation. “Adaptive Pathways and Biomedical Innovation in the EU, US and Japan” (Ken Oye).
April 21-22 Amsterdam Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Center (HKC) & WHO jointly sponsored Drug Pricing Scenarios Project – Part 2 (Mark Trusheim).
April 21-22 Washington, DC Annual World Orphan Drug Congress. “Adaptive Biomedical Innovation: Re-engineering How We Innovate” (Gigi Hirsch).
April 14
Basel, Switzerland
Roche educational presentation on MAPPS (Mark Trusheim).
March 21-22
San Francisco
Future of Health Program, co-sponsored by Silicon Valley Executive Network (SVEN), Decision Resources Group, and MIT Media Lab. “Adaptive Biomedical Innovation: Transforming Big Data Hype into Patient Value” (Tom Unger).
March 17-18 Amsterdam Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Center (HKC) & WHO jointly sponsored Drug Pricing Scenarios Project (Report to be presented to Dutch EU Presidency in June 2016) – Part 1 (Mark Trusheim).
January 27-29
Washington, DC
DIA’s Annual Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies conference – Panel Debate on “Earlier Access vs. Safety?” (Hans-Georg Eichler & Ken Oye).